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HUGE Clearance Sale Savings Posted on 01 Jul 13:20 , 0 comments

To all of our customers, present and future....we are offering an extra 20% Off already reduced prices of 50% or more for total savings up to 75% Off.  Use coupon code: CUSTOMER20.  
Shop now on our boutique brands including Pink Chicken, Mimi and Maggie, Sophie Catalou, Tutu du Monde and more.  HUGE savings on baby girl and little girl's dresses, leggings, sweaters, accessories and more.  Load up for this season and Fall today.
Thank you for shopping at Calo and Bode!  XOXO

Tutu du Monde...Experience the Magic Posted on 14 Apr 00:00 , 0 comments


Every collection of Tutu du Monde, tutu dresses is magical.   Tutu du Monde inspires and celebrates the spirit of little girls and the magic of make believe and dress up that fills their days. Escape to the ethereal world of Tutu du Monde where your little one can become a fairy princess or a ballerina in this beautiful boutique collection of vintage inspired tutu dresses. Tutu du Monde's collection of baby and girl's tutu dresses are full of wonder, whimsy, femininity, fun and fantasy and on sale now at for savings of 25-50% off and free shipping.

Shop our favorites, including the below Lassie's Loot, from the collection now.

Happy New Year: End of Year Sale Posted on 31 Dec 09:47 , 0 comments

It is that time of year…for the end of year sale of girl's boutique brand clothing.  This collection has big savings on dresses, leggings and sweaters marked up to 60% off as we clear out.  Stock up for next year and get some great deals and free shipping on all orders over $25.  Check out dresses from Pink Chicken, Magpie & Mabel, Sophie Catalou, Tutu du Monde.

To all of our customers past, present and future…THANK YOU! Thank you for every purchase and allowing me to help dress your little ones for some of the most special moments in your life.  That is my favorite part of what I do.  Blessings for a Happy New Year to all!

Introducing Tutu du Monde Tutu Dresses Posted on 13 Aug 17:58 , 0 comments

We are proud to introduce our first delivery of Tutu du Monde, the collection of magical, tutu dresses.  Tutu du Monde inspires and celebrates the spirit of little girls and the magic of make believe and dress up that fills their days. Escape to the ethereal world of Tutu du Monde where your little one can become a fairy princess or a ballerina in this beautiful boutique collection of vintage inspired tutu dresses. Tutu du Monde's collection of baby and girl's tutu dresses are full of wonder, whimsy, femininity, fun and fantasy.

Tutu du Monde's collection of baby and girls’ tutu princess dresses, onsies, capes and hair accessories are made of the highest quality and the detail of the hand sewn beads is truly exquisite. These beautifully unique dresses are the perfect choice for weddings, flower girls dresses, parties and children's photography. Tutu du Monde is a favorite of family photographers and for some of the most fashionable celebrities' choices for their daughters, such as Jessica Alba, Kourtney Kardashian and Sara Jessica Parker.

We are proud to carry the beautiful Tutu du Monde collection online at Calo and Bode. Our next delivery will be arriving late August so make sure you sign up for email to be first to know.   Contact us to set up an appointment to shop the collection in person at our boutique or shop the collection online

Shop today to find a keepsake dress that your little girl will adore and one day maybe even her little girl. Free shipping always on all Tutu du Monde Dresses.  Magical photos captured by Valerie Thomas Photography.

Holiday Trend: Sparkle Party Dress Posted on 12 Dec 21:29 , 0 comments

The sparkle party dress by Anais & I is our best selling girl's special occasion dress for a good reason! It truly is a modern day princess dress for your little one. This beautiful little girl's fancy dress has so much flowing fabric accented with subtle sparkle that it shimmers so softly with every movement. And we know little girls LOVE to move and twirl...especially in a fancy dress. The maxi length, empire waist and split cap sleeves give this sparkly dress a sweet modern, yet vintage like elegance. 

With the Holidays fast approaching and color choices in black and ivory, this is the perfect unique dress for any holiday party, New Year celebration, wedding or family photo session. Check out the Anais & I Sparkle Party Dress and other Fancy Dresses now available at Calo and Bode now in girl's sizes 3-8.

Cozy Sweater Style for Little Girls Posted on 01 Nov 11:38 , 0 comments

As sad as we are that summer has ended, sweater season helps to ease the pain, for sure.  Mamas love breaking out the chunky, cozy sweaters and pairing them with some cute new suede booties (happiness) so why shouldn't our littles share in some fashion coziness, as well? Here are some of our favorite trends in sweaters for those little girls and baby girls in your life.  

Colorful Texture
Bright beautiful colors mixed with soft, rich textures make for some of the best little sweaters this season.  Gorgeous jewel tones and rainbow hues pop when mixed with natural neutrals.  The color combinations and textures from designers such as Mimi and Maggie are so unique and perfect to top off any bohemian inspired outfit for your little girls and baby girls.
Boucle Hooded Sweater, $64
Mimi & Maggie
Boho Chic
Nothing is cuter this season than mini Boho Chic.  We love the essences of Bohemian mixing of colors, patterns, prints and textures.  It is most natural for little girls, as it captures their inherent carefree spirits.  There is just something about the artistic, free spirit of bohemian style that just fit little girls.  Our collections are influenced by this boho spirit and feature less structure, more comfort and simple beauty.

Farm Patchwork Sweater, $86
Mimi & Maggie

Love, love, love ponchos.  They are stylish and fashionably on trend yet super easy and comfortable for little girls.  Just throw a poncho on over anything…a cute printed dress with boots makes for the perfect outfit for any occasion this season.  Pull the hood up for some extra warmth and cuteness.   

Mimi & Maggie
Calo and Bode clothing boutique has curated a collection of beautiful, sweaters and clothing that both you and your little ones will love. Shop today at Calo and Bode Children's Boutique and find something amazing with style that matches your little one's personality.

Styling Tips for Family Photos Posted on 13 Sep 12:54 , 0 comments

Summer is coming to a close (sniff, sniff) and Fall is soon approaching.  As much as we love Summer and all it's beauty including the beach and sweet little girl's sundresses,  we also love Fall and cuddly sweaters and bright, bold colors.  Many believe Fall to be the most perfect season of all. The crispness and vibrancy of the changing leaves against bright blue skies makes for the most beautiful photos.  Ahhh photos....Fall is the perfect time for family photos. So, if you did not get some this summer, be sure to take the time to capture them now.  Little ones are little for such a fleeting time….capture these sweet years.   Below are some styling tips to remember for photo shoots.

No Matchy Matchy
Days of all matching denim are gone. Coordinate but don't match exactly. Mix prints with complementary solids. Have some color pops or one family member in the "hello" show stopper style. Usually, the little girl's outfits are the easiest and best to bring this pop. Work around this look for the rest of the family. If you go with more neutral pallets of grays and beiges, be sure to pair with some coordinating neutrals and mix some stripes and accessories.  Fall is an amazing time with the leaves as your backdrop you can go neutral or bright to match.  Have fun with it!

Photo by Raspberry Photo

Pick a Unique Setting
An old weathered barn, a farm field with high grass or a trail lined with the explosive bright colors of Fall leaves are all unique and beautiful settings for your fall photos. On vacation, take advantage of the beauty of the beach at sunset.  Capture your little ones with some cuddly embraces and candid shots in unique and amazing locations. The family will be the focus and the settings will just add to the beauty of your photos.                                                               

Photo by Raspberry Photo 

Capturing Personalities
Be sure to get the entire family.  Yes, Moms and Dads that means you too!  Moms take out the messy bun, fix your hair, make Dad shave and GET IN THE PHOTO. There is nothing more precious than candid moments of all of you.  These are the most beautiful photos and the ones you will hang on your wall.  Be sure to capture personalities of each and every child.  They may not 
always cooperate but these are the moments and photos that they will always look back and share with their little ones one day.  I think we all remember looking back and enjoying our parents as children in old crinkled photos.  Your photos will be heirlooms…so capture these moments and frame them! 

Photo by Harvesting Light Photography       

Whatever season and whatever wardrobe you choose, family photos are memories that truly last a lifetime and can be so much fun!  Calo and Bode offers so many amazing and unique choices for your little girls.  Most of the time we work around the little girls and go from there.  We are always here to help style these magic moments.  If you see something you LOVE and not your size, just contact us.  If you need any styling advice, we are so happy to help.  So many of our customers come to Calo and Bode for their outfits for family photos.  Mimi & Maggie and Sweet Cottontail are great Boutique Brands to choose from and are featured in some of the photos above.  Neutrals and elegance or prints and big personalities, we have it all to make your family photos perfect.  Now set up those appointments now and go shopping!

Must Haves - Baby Moccasins Posted on 08 Jun 21:22 , 0 comments

Robin Egg Blue Soft Leather Moccasins by Starship for Littles

Baby moccasins…are the ultimate must have for baby this season. We know why so many moms from celebrity moms to stay at home mamas are in love with baby moccs for their little ones. First and foremost, they are the CUTEST things ever!!!!! Not only are they super cute but they are super comfy with elastic openings that stretch to get those baby toes in and close nicely and snuggly around the ankle. The soft sole leather stretches and molds to those little baby feet making them perfect for babies that are sitting, wobbling, walking or running.

Eggnog Brown Leather Moccasins by Starship for Littles

Since we opened last fall, we have wanted to expand our assortment to include footwear. Baby moccasins were the perfect place to start. There are so many companies making moccasins but at Calo and Bode we chose to launch our footwear assortment with Baby Moccasins from Starship for Littles. Beautifully handmade in Texas with love, by a new mama, Starship for Littles offers the cutest moccs in the best colors. Starting at $38, we love the affordable price when so many competitive brands are charging $60-$65 for similar styles. The collection includes durable yet soft leather and suede fringed baby moccasins in the most unique colors.

Emerald Green Suede Moccasins by Starship for Littles

Mamas and babies love baby moccs. Shop the collection now for your own baby or the PERFECT baby shower or baby gift (it will surely get the most AWWWWs at the party).  Calo and Bode is proud to offer this season’s must have….baby moccasins!

Summer Style for Your Little Girl Posted on 21 May 14:26 , 0 comments

Dressing your little girl can be much more fun than dressing yourself.  Little girls look good in almost any color, and can pull off any fashion you put on them.  Dressing your little girl in fun styles can be a great way to get the shopping and fashionista fix without having to worry about how many pounds you may have put on or what size you currently need to buy for yourself.  It's ultimate shopping bliss!

Children's Clothing Should Be Both Stylish and Comfortable

Flowing bohemian styles are great for little girls this year.  It shouldn't be uncomfortable to be pretty when you are young.  Girls are spirited and lively, and their clothing should accent their character instead of stifling it.  Whether you have a little diva who wants to try on everything or you would rather shop for little girl dresses online, make sure to get a good brand that keeps your little girl dressed to impress while she's having fun.  

Penelope Kardashian in Pink Chicken, Ava Dress

    Kourtney Kardashian's Penelope in Pink Chicken Ava Dress

Celebrity Examples

Little fashionistas North West and Harper Beckham are already more stylish than most of the rest of us. These two celebrity children attended fashion week with style and attitude. Even though they weren't very enthused with what they were looking at, these little ones always look exceptionally stunning.  There's no reason your little girl can't look just as great all the time.  Keep an eye out on what the celebs and royals are wearing and then find the styles online.  Sometimes celebs find out about fantastic brands before the rest of us: some less known brands sold out overnight when Prince George was seen wearing them. Spaghetti straps and flowing skirts are really in for younger girls this year. Collars, lace, and vintage look mixed with summer beach colors and some sassy prints also stand out for little girls in 2015.


Shopping Online For Trendy Summer Styles

Parents should be on the lookout for designer clothes for their younger daughters.  Online shopping is a great place to start.  All the great designers' children's lines can be found with a few easy searches. Celebrity children have been seen wearing Pink Chicken, the high-end brand has its own exclusive store in New York City. Pink Chicken clothing online offers stylish vintage clothing for little girls from high-end designer Frasier. Shopping for girls boutique clothing online makes the most sense, because between dance recitals and soccer games there may not be time to shop in stores.

When shopping, look for trendy brands like Sweet Cottontail and Mimi & Maggie.  Danish brand Wheat is another trendy children's line to snag up if you see them in the store.  Not all little girls dream of being a princess, and many of these brands offer a variety of styles that will help little girls embrace their unique and precious selves.  

Sweet Cottontail Collection 

Shop all the latest summer styles without ever leaving your sofa by visiting Calo and Bode, an online children’s boutique clothing store that provides a truly unique shopping experience for those of us constantly on the go. With years of experience in both fashion and retail, Calo and Bode carries some of the trendiest styles and hottest designer collections fit for your little girl.  Shop our selection today for styles just as unique as the little one in your life.

2015 Top Trends: Girl's Easter Dresses Posted on 19 Mar 13:33 , 1 comment


Easter Sunday is upon us. Easter is usually the kick off to spring and a time of new beginnings. It is usually the first time of the year we shed those winter layers for soft dresses full of color and sweetness. These beautiful and fun styles will have you and your little girl’s ready for that Easter Egg Hunt in style. Check out these top trends for Girl’s Easter Dresses this season.

 Black and White

Looking for something truly on trend and unique then try the clean and crisp look of Black and White. Classic polka dots or abstract prints mixed with sweet simple silhouettes make these girl’s dresses pop this Easter.


Vine Print Dress by Sophie Catalou $56

Artistic Prints

Prints are always top of mind for Girl’s Easter Dresses but this season it is all about the vibrant artistic prints. Our girl’s Easter Dress collection is filled with beautiful prints, some soft and light inspired by vintage watercolor paintings and others are bold and bright.


Flower Stand Dress by Mimi & Maggie $66


Pastels are a Spring staple but mix them with lace and sparkles and you have a modern must have. Seafoam green, Robin Egg Blue and Soft Rose are just some of the beautiful pastels colors that your little girl will love this Easter.

Gloria Dress by Anais & $92


Ahoy! Yacht not necessary to embody this classic trend. Nautical inspired clothing is classic and easy and certainly not just for summer. Kick of Spring with a nautical inspired Easter Dress in gorgeous fabrics with pretty navy accents and beautiful embroidery.

Ava Dress by Pink Chicken $84

No matter what style you are looking for, Calo and Bode has a beautiful and unique collection of Girl's Easter dresses to choose from.   Shop all Girl’s Easter Dresses now.  

Happy Easter!