Girls’ Clothing Trends for 2015 Posted on 12 Jan 16:51 , 0 comments

Girls ClothsIt is so important to let you kids express themselves in all aspects of their little lives and especially in their fashion. Little girls are starting to have their own little personalities and Moms love dressing them up to match. First thing is finding high quality clothing stores but let’s face it being a mom and finding time to shop is difficult and anyone who has tried knows that shopping with a baby or toddler is almost impossible. Finding unique online clothing boutiques for girls always makes it much easier for Moms to keep those young girls looking good with new clothing, shoes and accessories most importantly, doing so at their convenience.   Take a look at these 2015 fashion trends to keep in mind when shopping for those little girls in your life.

Bold Prints

Even the girliest of girls enjoys bold and bright colors and prints from time to time. A printed sundress is like the equivalent of the LBD for Moms. All little girls look adorable in printed sundresses and need them in their closets. They are a hot trend for spring and summer, but are expected to make their way into fall and winter wardrobes too. The same summer flowy dress mixed with a denim jacket and boots makes extending the look into the fall so easy - bold prints are an excellent choice in 2015.

Mix And Match

Gone are the days of young girls matching head to toe—true fashion is not meant to be quite so “matchy matchy.” Sometimes there is nothing cuter than a fancy, ruffle dress mixed with denim jacket and some rugged cowgirl boots. Many children’s clothing lines now design their clothing to involve mixing and matching patterns, prints, and clothing from different genres. Denim shirts, printed floral skirts and some pink tulle – why not?

Fashion And Function

Gone are the days of having only two types of clothing—play clothes and dress up clothes. Young girls of today, no longer want to compromise their sense of fashion just because they want to run and play outdoors with their friends. While you are sure to still have clothing for holiday events and formal occasions, girls clothing is now designed to easily go from home, to the playground, to grandmas—looking cute yet comfy. This is why children’s boutiques are becoming more popular due to their unique selection of high-quality clothing—that combines fashion and function.

It is a plain and simple fact, not every girl wants to wear the same clothes everyone else has. This is why many parents are heading to kids clothing boutiques that offer young girls clothing that will fit their daughter’s distinct personality—and style. The best way to find the 2015 fashion trends above is to head to a unique girls clothing store in your area—or an online clothing boutique for girls. For unique baby clothes, beautiful girls dresses and so much more, shop the collection of girls’ clothing styles available at Calo and Bode. Whether you’re looking for elegant Easter dresses for girls or a more casual girls cardigan sweater, Calo and Bode carries some of the most unique styles and trends that your daughter will love. Best of all, the girls online clothing boutique allows you to shop all the latest style trends from the comfort of your own home. Browse our selection, and discover why hundreds of parents choose Calo and Bode for all their girls’ clothing needs.