Brand Spotlight: Sweet Cottontail Posted on 03 Feb 23:35 , 0 comments

New and emerging brands are on our radar for 2015 and one of those amazing brands is Sweet Cottontail. Sweet Cottontail is American made children's clothing with an heirloom inspired look reinvented for modern day & designed to be passed down for generations to come. They were recently recognized as a Wildcard Finalist for Martha Stewart Amercian Made. Martha Stewart’s American Made contest spotlights those that are American makers, supports the local, and celebrates the handmade.

Sara Oakley, the founder of Sweet Cottontail, talks about her business and inspiration.

Q.  Tell us about your business?

A.  “I always dreamt of starting a children's clothing line but it all began in Oct of 2011. Myself, a nanny of 3 children, I set out to create timeless children's clothing that preserves the youthful spirit of a child, & brings the heirloom inspired style that we love. We've spent 3 years building the concept & American made dream that we are working toward still today. We lived & learned as we built partnerships with suppliers for fabric and trims. We learned the hard way the importance about finding a manufacturer you can trust. Now, we have found great partners that support our efforts & love the product as much as we do... and our future is bright! Our American made product is the new luxury clothing for little girls & brings the American dream right before her little eyes. We want our brand to instill American spirit in future generations & want this spirit to be passed down, lived in, & loved for generations through our timeless, heirloom clothing.” 

Q.  What Inspires You?

A.  “ We are obsessed with American vintage.... lace, children's clothing and vintage toys, old linens.... The collection began with an old hat box of vintage lace given to me from my grandmother and the memories of the childhood bunny blanket/lovey that my sister had as a child (and still has to this day). We love being inspired by old things and making them new again thru new interpretations. We are inspired by reminiscing over childhood memories and the good 'ole days... and going back to our roots. It's the simple joys of childhood that provide our daily inspiration and the imaginations of the children that surround us while we watch them play. They remind us to laugh a little... and that nothing is impossible especially with the imagination of a child.”

Calo and Bode is so excited to be one of the retailers to carry this new brand coming soon this Spring. Sweet Cottontail is everything vintage, girly and well just plain SWEET!