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Dressing your little girl can be much more fun than dressing yourself.  Little girls look good in almost any color, and can pull off any fashion you put on them.  Dressing your little girl in fun styles can be a great way to get the shopping and fashionista fix without having to worry about how many pounds you may have put on or what size you currently need to buy for yourself.  It's ultimate shopping bliss!

Children's Clothing Should Be Both Stylish and Comfortable

Flowing bohemian styles are great for little girls this year.  It shouldn't be uncomfortable to be pretty when you are young.  Girls are spirited and lively, and their clothing should accent their character instead of stifling it.  Whether you have a little diva who wants to try on everything or you would rather shop for little girl dresses online, make sure to get a good brand that keeps your little girl dressed to impress while she's having fun.  

Penelope Kardashian in Pink Chicken, Ava Dress

    Kourtney Kardashian's Penelope in Pink Chicken Ava Dress

Celebrity Examples

Little fashionistas North West and Harper Beckham are already more stylish than most of the rest of us. These two celebrity children attended fashion week with style and attitude. Even though they weren't very enthused with what they were looking at, these little ones always look exceptionally stunning.  There's no reason your little girl can't look just as great all the time.  Keep an eye out on what the celebs and royals are wearing and then find the styles online.  Sometimes celebs find out about fantastic brands before the rest of us: some less known brands sold out overnight when Prince George was seen wearing them. Spaghetti straps and flowing skirts are really in for younger girls this year. Collars, lace, and vintage look mixed with summer beach colors and some sassy prints also stand out for little girls in 2015.


Shopping Online For Trendy Summer Styles

Parents should be on the lookout for designer clothes for their younger daughters.  Online shopping is a great place to start.  All the great designers' children's lines can be found with a few easy searches. Celebrity children have been seen wearing Pink Chicken, the high-end brand has its own exclusive store in New York City. Pink Chicken clothing online offers stylish vintage clothing for little girls from high-end designer Frasier. Shopping for girls boutique clothing online makes the most sense, because between dance recitals and soccer games there may not be time to shop in stores.

When shopping, look for trendy brands like Sweet Cottontail and Mimi & Maggie.  Danish brand Wheat is another trendy children's line to snag up if you see them in the store.  Not all little girls dream of being a princess, and many of these brands offer a variety of styles that will help little girls embrace their unique and precious selves.  

Sweet Cottontail Collection 

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