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Summer is coming to a close (sniff, sniff) and Fall is soon approaching.  As much as we love Summer and all it's beauty including the beach and sweet little girl's sundresses,  we also love Fall and cuddly sweaters and bright, bold colors.  Many believe Fall to be the most perfect season of all. The crispness and vibrancy of the changing leaves against bright blue skies makes for the most beautiful photos.  Ahhh photos....Fall is the perfect time for family photos. So, if you did not get some this summer, be sure to take the time to capture them now.  Little ones are little for such a fleeting time….capture these sweet years.   Below are some styling tips to remember for photo shoots.

No Matchy Matchy
Days of all matching denim are gone. Coordinate but don't match exactly. Mix prints with complementary solids. Have some color pops or one family member in the "hello" show stopper style. Usually, the little girl's outfits are the easiest and best to bring this pop. Work around this look for the rest of the family. If you go with more neutral pallets of grays and beiges, be sure to pair with some coordinating neutrals and mix some stripes and accessories.  Fall is an amazing time with the leaves as your backdrop you can go neutral or bright to match.  Have fun with it!

Photo by Raspberry Photo

Pick a Unique Setting
An old weathered barn, a farm field with high grass or a trail lined with the explosive bright colors of Fall leaves are all unique and beautiful settings for your fall photos. On vacation, take advantage of the beauty of the beach at sunset.  Capture your little ones with some cuddly embraces and candid shots in unique and amazing locations. The family will be the focus and the settings will just add to the beauty of your photos.                                                               

Photo by Raspberry Photo 

Capturing Personalities
Be sure to get the entire family.  Yes, Moms and Dads that means you too!  Moms take out the messy bun, fix your hair, make Dad shave and GET IN THE PHOTO. There is nothing more precious than candid moments of all of you.  These are the most beautiful photos and the ones you will hang on your wall.  Be sure to capture personalities of each and every child.  They may not 
always cooperate but these are the moments and photos that they will always look back and share with their little ones one day.  I think we all remember looking back and enjoying our parents as children in old crinkled photos.  Your photos will be heirlooms…so capture these moments and frame them! 

Photo by Harvesting Light Photography       

Whatever season and whatever wardrobe you choose, family photos are memories that truly last a lifetime and can be so much fun!  Calo and Bode offers so many amazing and unique choices for your little girls.  Most of the time we work around the little girls and go from there.  We are always here to help style these magic moments.  If you see something you LOVE and not your size, just contact us.  If you need any styling advice, we are so happy to help.  So many of our customers come to Calo and Bode for their outfits for family photos.  Mimi & Maggie and Sweet Cottontail are great Boutique Brands to choose from and are featured in some of the photos above.  Neutrals and elegance or prints and big personalities, we have it all to make your family photos perfect.  Now set up those appointments now and go shopping!