Cozy Sweater Style for Little Girls Posted on 01 Nov 11:38 , 0 comments

As sad as we are that summer has ended, sweater season helps to ease the pain, for sure.  Mamas love breaking out the chunky, cozy sweaters and pairing them with some cute new suede booties (happiness) so why shouldn't our littles share in some fashion coziness, as well? Here are some of our favorite trends in sweaters for those little girls and baby girls in your life.  

Colorful Texture
Bright beautiful colors mixed with soft, rich textures make for some of the best little sweaters this season.  Gorgeous jewel tones and rainbow hues pop when mixed with natural neutrals.  The color combinations and textures from designers such as Mimi and Maggie are so unique and perfect to top off any bohemian inspired outfit for your little girls and baby girls.
Boucle Hooded Sweater, $64
Mimi & Maggie
Boho Chic
Nothing is cuter this season than mini Boho Chic.  We love the essences of Bohemian mixing of colors, patterns, prints and textures.  It is most natural for little girls, as it captures their inherent carefree spirits.  There is just something about the artistic, free spirit of bohemian style that just fit little girls.  Our collections are influenced by this boho spirit and feature less structure, more comfort and simple beauty.

Farm Patchwork Sweater, $86
Mimi & Maggie

Love, love, love ponchos.  They are stylish and fashionably on trend yet super easy and comfortable for little girls.  Just throw a poncho on over anything…a cute printed dress with boots makes for the perfect outfit for any occasion this season.  Pull the hood up for some extra warmth and cuteness.   

Mimi & Maggie
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